Issue 19

Issue 19 contains articles inspired by the 7th Academic and Technical Conference ARCHBUD 2015 which addressed the “Problems of contemporary architecture and construction” and was organized by the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw.

The conference was held under the auspices of the Marshall of Mazovia – Mr. Adam Struzik. The goal of the conference was to present the creative achievements of architects and academics as well as academic and technical accomplishments in the field of existing and new construction technologies.

Part I, Analyses and Studies, also includes an interesting article on the principles of implementing sustainable development as exemplified by office buildings in Germany. Part II, Self-Government, presents an article dealing with urban renewal in Mazovia. Part III, Varia, consists of a case study concerning the use of derelict former military and railway areas in central Poland and an obituary of professor Hanka Ludmiła Zaniewska, an outstanding teacher and researcher.

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Call for papers

Contributions are invited to the scientific journal Mazovia. Regional Studies. We are currently accepting submissions for the issues to be published in 2017. Article proposals may be scientific or serve to inform about one’s practical experience.

The journal is intended to serve as a platform enabling exchange of experience and facilitating cooperation within and between various specializations, in the fields of both theory and practice. The journal is published by the Mazovian Office of Regional Planning in Warsaw, a member of CrossRef – Publishers International Linking Association (PILA) which allows all the articles published in the journal to receive an individual DOI number.According to the current publishing plan, the next issues will focus on four subjects which are currently of importance in regional studies:

urban renewal,landscape protection and planning,territorial cohesion,sustainable development.

Also welcome are contributions on other topics concerning public policy, spatial planning and practical aspects of local and regional governance.

Contributions to the next, twentieth issues of Mazovia. Regional Studies should be submitted by the end of November 2016. Contributions to further issues are welcome until a closing date is announced. Article proposals are accepted in Polish, English, German, Russian, French and Spanish.Please submit your papers to:

New editorial board

In 2016, the Editorial Board expanded with new scientists representing the world of science, both from the Mazovian and Lodz Voivodeships. In April, the editorial board was joined by:

Ms. Prof. Aleksandra Nowakowska from the University of Lodz, Ms. Prof. Barbara Szulczewska from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and Dr. nt. Artur Zaguła from the Technical University of Lodz. In June, the Council was joined by Prof. Paweł Swianiewicz from the University of Warsaw. In the near future we plan to invite scientists from France and Scotland to join the Editorial Board.In 2016, the Editorial Team was also enlarged, with the following joining: Mr. Eng. arch. Piotr Brzeski – Director of the Mazovian Office of Regional Planning in Warsaw, Dr. Elżbieta Kozubek from the Mazovian Office of Regional Planning in Warsaw, Dr. arch. Tomasz Sławiński of the Society of Polish Town Planners, and Dr Marcin Wajda of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Indexing in the CEJSH database

Soon the English abstracts of the articles published in MAZOWSZE Regional Studies will be available in the international database The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanites. Indexation in CEJSH will contribute to the increase of our journal’s popularity in Poland and abroad. Thanks to indexing in the database, foreign researchers will be able to learn about achievements of Polish scientists, especially those affiliated with Mazovian scientific and research units.

MSR present at TRM conference

TRM conference – On November 13, 2014, a conference entitled: “Together for Mazovia” summarizing the project Development Trends of Mazovia was organized at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

The event was also attended by members of the editorial board of MAZOWSZE Regional Studies and the periodical itself was distributed free of charge among the other guests.

So far our magazine has published several articles based on the research carried out for the project Development Trends of Mazovia. It is also worth reminding that in No. 3/2009 we published some of the speeches from the international conference of the project entitled “World – Europe – Poland. The future of Mazovia”.

Whereas in no. 8/2011 we published an extensive report together with a discussion and a photo report from the conference “Building Mazovia’s future together”. The Development Trends of Mazovia project sponsored issues No. 3/2009, 8/2011, 10/2012 and 11/2012 of our periodical.

More information about the TRM conference: “Together for Mazovia” you can find on the website Development Trends of Mazovia

The photo shows, among others, Dr. Mirosław Grochowski – member of the editorial committee of MAZOWSZE Regional Studies.

Conference guests will be interested in reading archival issues of MAZOWSZE Regional Studies.