Help and about a site

This website is designed to be usable by the widest possible range of users, regardless of the technology and software they use. We are constantly looking for solutions to improve the accessibility and usability of our websites. If you have any comments or feedback please contact us.

To use this site, you must have a web browser or alternative HTML reading software compatible with HTML 5.0 or later and CSS 3.0 or later, supported by JavaScript. For a desktop computer, the recommended screen resolution is a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The site is fully operable using only the keyboard. The mechanism works in a standard way for modern web browsers, i.e. navigation through the elements is done with TAB key, scrolling with arrow keys, approving an element’s action with Enter key.

Keyboard navigation of the main menu has been further simplified – when navigating with the TAB key, the main menu is opened and closed automatically with focus order. The submenu can be called up by pressing the Enter key after checking the box that opens the submenu.

The site does not contain any individual keyboard shortcuts, including those that might conflict with keyboard shortcuts used by assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

When navigating with the keyboard, each element of the page takes on an active focus with the active element color highlighted. The audio and video players available on the site provide full keyboard-only operation using a standard set of control commands.

In addition, the site offers a skip-links menu called a TAB key, as well as element descriptions with programming tags accessible to screen readers.