Publishing ethics

An inherent principle of research activities, including publications of research results, is their reliability and honesty. Therefore, the authors must obey the ethical principles obligatory in a research community. Readers must be sure that publications were prepared according to the highest professional standards. This also means that the author provides information on all individuals, companies, public institutions, etc., who had contributed to his work.

The publisher ensures compliance with the fundamental principles of scientific ethics through implementation of procedures against unfair competition, including plagiarism. Texts sent to the editor are verified by the service PLAGIAT.PL for authenticity and originality. If plagiarism is detected then the author’s home institution and the author of the original version are notified about this fact.

The publisher also makes every effort to prevent the phenomena of ghostwriting and guest authorship / honorary authorship. If one of these two phenomena are detected institutions that the author / authors are affiliated with will be notified about this misconduct.