Terms and abbreviations

A handy glossary that explains difficult terms and abbreviations used on the site.

Definition, shortcutExplanation or description
AffiliationIndication of the scientific unit as the location of the scientific research, the result of which is the basis of the publication. The affiliation is made by the author of the publication, placing the name of the scientific unit next to his name in the publication.
DOIDigital object identifier (DOI) – An identifier for an electronic document that, unlike URL identifiers, does not depend on the physical location of the document, but is permanently assigned to it.
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an eight-digit unique identifier for traditional and electronic serial publications. It is based on a similar concept to the ISBN for books and ISAN for audiovisual material. Some serial publications are assigned both an ISSN and an ISBN.
MSRMazovia Regional Studies (polish Mazowsze Studia Regionalne) – an abbreviation of a periodical published by the Mazovian Regional Planning Bureau
Table with explanations of abbreviations and difficult terms