The dilemmas of healthcare system functioning under the conditions of civilizational turning point

Elżbieta Mączyńska

DOI: 10.21858/msr.48.01

Vol. no: 48

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The analyses presented in this study are focused on identifying new trends and challenges in the healthcare sector, primarily stemming from the ongoing global civilizational turning point as a consequence of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution with its unimaginable potential of artificial intelligence. In such conditions, solutions aimed at optimal utilization of new technologies are particularly crucial, especially those addressing irregularities that result in the wastage of material and intellectual potential in this sector. In the face of almost chronic shortages in healthcare funding sources, characteristic not only of Poland but also many other countries, the rationalization of the utilization of available resources becomes of paramount importance. In Poland, this is particularly significant due to relatively low expenditures on healthcare, both in absolute terms and in relation to GDP. This is confirmed by the international statistics presented in the article. In this context, the article highlights selected rationalizing directions for changes in the national healthcare system.