Golden algae (“killer algae”) as a threat to Poland’s economy and nature

Adam Kapler

DOI: 10.21858/msr.48.02

Vol. no: 48

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The unprecedented bloom of “golden algae” Prymnesium parvum in the Oder River in 2022 was the worst ecological disaster in Poland and Germany in decades. In 2023, the penetration of those “killer algae” from the Gliwice Canal, as well as the Czernica and Januszkowice reservoirs into the main stream of the Oder River has been stopped by the Polish Waters. The article presents the current state of knowledge about this catastrophe and draws conclusions from pioneering tests conducted in Poland on methods to mitigate blooms in flowing waters (in the Gliwice Canal). Additionally, this work compiles and presents foreign methods of combating “golden algae” in fish ponds, in areas valuable for nature, sailing and fishing, as well as fauna restitution (including Unionidae mussels, significant for both the economy and for nature protection) following a mass bloom of P. parvum.