From the Editor-in-Chief

Zbigniew Strzelecki

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Vol no: 14

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With the changing criteria for parametric evaluation of scientific journals, we were forced to narrow down the circle of our interests. Given the specificity of the publisher, which is the Mazovian Office of Regional Planning in Warsaw, and due to the patronage of our journal by the Mazovian Voivodeship Government, we decided to limit ourselves to the new field of social science, which is the science of public policy (public policy). Those interested in more details about what this new science deals with, I refer you to a very interesting article by Jerzy Woźnicki, New discipline – “public policy science” situated in the field of social sciences, published in No. 1 of the journal “NAUKA” in 2012. In our pages we will mainly publish articles on issues related to the broad mission of science and local governments for the development of local communities.