Spatial analysis of various aspects of the information society on the territory of the Mazovian province

Piotr Siłka

DOI: lack

Vol no: 14

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The article includes an analysis of the development of the information society, made by means of two measures. First, a summary index of information society development, which was created for the districts of Mazovia. Second, digital exclusion, which was analyzed by both municipalities and counties of the Mazovian region. The summary indicator used 6 variables, grouped into 3 components: technological, economic, socio-cultural. The sub-indices were calculated using the method of distance from the benchmark, while the summary index was calculated using the Perkal method, with the application of specific weights. The results of the analysis confirm the basic division of the province in many other socio-economic fields. The most developed districts in this regard – are units centered around the city of Warsaw, along with cities with county rights.