The municipality as a place of identification – a report on research in the suburban municipality of Piaseczno

Dorota Mantey

DOI: lack

Vol no: 13

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This article is a voice in the discussion of whether a suburban municipality is a place of identification for its residents. In it, the author presents the results of a survey conducted in the suburban Piaseczno municipality, to which Varsovians are eager to migrate. It turns out that the municipality, where intensive processes of suburbanization are taking place, does not constitute for its residents a place on which they would like to build their own identity, which is not particularly surprising given the peculiarities of the Piaseczno municipality: proximity to the capital, a significant percentage of immigrant population, strong internal differentiation, high spatial mobility, a specific lifestyle of new residents. As a place of identification, most choose the locality of residence, but there are also those who feel strong ties with Warsaw.