Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw

Urszula Wodnicka-Kasprzak

DOI: 10.21858/msr.46.05

Vol. no: 46

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The place is unique. Its identity has been determined by Polish history, human as the creator of material forms supported by the nature. It is a collective work, continuously shaped for over a century. “Cemeteries are not for the dead, but for the living” – as Wiktor Zin stated. The image, created by successive generations, still can be reinterpreted – as a whole or selectively as individual tombstones and monuments of exceptional artistic value. In Powązki Military Cemetery there can be found traces of activities of recognized artists, whose names and work remain undisplayed in the cemetery. This study aims to highlight some of monuments in order to remove author’s anonymity and to show their work in broader cultural and historical context. The article is a result of numerous visits to the cemetery with a camera in an effort to frame images of monuments. In addition, the paper shows effects of research for data on monuments’ authors.