A tribute to the firefighting brothers of the Diocese of Plock, that is, a new publication by documentarian Father Andrzej Zakrzewski, “Fire Departments in the parishes of the Diocese of Plock.”

Magdalena Staniszewska

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Vol no: 11

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Another in the output of the indefatigable documentalist priest, Andrzej Zakrzewski, a valuable publication concerning, this time, Volunteer Fire Brigades in the territory of the Plock Diocese. Father Zakrzewski publishes a study each year, making an important contribution of knowledge to the history of the Sierpc area. To date, these have included a monograph on the shrines scattered around the Goleszyn parish, the history and present state of the Goleszyn parish and St. Matthew’s Church. Matthew, a guide to the deanery and Roman Catholic parishes in the Sierpc district, a history of the local government of the Sierpc municipality in 1992-2002, monographs of municipal schools, several publications devoted to the fire departments of the Sierpc district and parishes of the Plock diocese, and, providing a basis for future research, source materials on issues related to the Tluchow parish.