Development of the Polish financial sector in the first decade of the 21st century

Krzysztof Opolski, Marcin Dwórznik

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Vol no: 15

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The article presents an analysis of the link between the development of the financial sector and the development of the real economy in the first decade of the 21st century. At the beginning of the article, an assessment of the state of the real economy was carried out on the basis of indicators that are used in analyzing the development of the real economy. Among them will be changes in: the level of gross domestic product (GDP), total consumption, capital expenditures, the development of the housing sector (housing units put into use), the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, the area of international exchange (the current account of the balance of payments, the value of exports and imports of goods) and the state of the debt of the state (government) and households. The second part of the article presents a change in selected variables, characterizing the financial sector.