Application of the biocenotic tree assessment method in the „Willa Mindic” park (Moldavia) for the implementation of the conceptual land-use project – a case study

Lidia Ozimkowska, Jerzy Wojtatowicz

DOI: 10.21858/msr.36.03

Vol. no: 36

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The article presents the application of the method of biocenotic evaluation of trees in the park “Villa Mindic” (Moldova). When conducting the inventory, preliminary design decisions were taken into account, which also influenced the determination of tree values. Extending the valorization of the plants with a study of their health status, including safety for people, the results were obtained, which served to make the design. Places were selected that, regardless of the conditions, must ensure safe stay, fragments of the area where visiting the park is restricted, and those where, due to high biocenotic values, including protection of breeding and reproduction sites of animals, traffic routes and rest areas are not envisaged.