The detail and it’s surrounding – markers of time “Drzwi Płockie” at the Tumskie Hill and Golden Gardens of Texcoco (Mechico)

Sławomir Paweł Markowski

DOI: 10.21858/msr.18.06

Vol no: 18

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The paper presents two cultural events, occurring at different times and in different places. Seemingly alien to each other, but with a common causality, which is the Garden of Eden, which is the call of faith. It is an analysis, fundamentally debatable in its formulations, filled with events that have already been fulfilled. The first is the “Plock Door,” a monument of fine art once placed in the main entrance to the Plock Cathedral, and the second is the plant beds of wrought precious metal, silver and gold, in the gardens of Texcoco, in the classical period of Mexico.