Taton, Val d’Europe – the city of the 21st century

Elżbieta Muszyńska, Elżbieta Tomaszewska

DOI: 10.21858/msr.39.03

Vol. no: 39

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Val d’Europe is a new city created in the Paris region as a result of a public-private partnership between the French State and Euro Disney Associées in 1987. The city, envisioned with a target population of 60,000, currently has a population of 35,000, and is located as the last in a 40-kilometer-long band of the linear city of Marne-la-Vallée, a satellite of Paris. The city was founded as a base for Europe’s largest tourist complex, Euro Disney, welcoming 15,000,000 visitors a year, but has gradually become a self-sufficient, multifunctional organization.