Implementation of the statutory competences of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and changes in the transport sector over 25 years of self-government activity

Piotr Szpiega, Elżbieta Trzcińska

DOI: 10.21858/msr.49.04

Vol. no: 49

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The article provides an overview of the transport policy of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship since its establishment in 1999. It discusses the statutory competences of the newly formed voivodeship in the field of transport development policy and its evolution over the years, illustrated in successive regional development strategies and spatial development plans. An integral part of this policy is also the development of public transport, primarily railway transport. This is the result of the activities of two railway companies: Masovian Railways and Warsaw Commuter Railway. The article depicts the development path of the companies towards modern rail passenger transport operators, involving new and modernized rolling stock and with efficient technical facilities. The article also discusses the activity of the manager of voivodeship roads, which through numerous road repairs and reconstructions, creates a road network suitable for servicing regional road traffic. In addition, the article highlights the increasing role of bicycle transport in the spatial policy of the voivodeship. An important factor facilitating the implementation of competences in the transport sector is EU funding, which has made it possible to create modern rail and road infrastructure, as well as to purchase and modernize rolling stock.