Problems and potentials of municipalities at risk of permanent marginalization in the Siedlce subregion

Monika Kierzkowska, Michał Jamróz

DOI: 10.21858/msr.47.04

Nr woluminu: 47

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The article analyses the problems and potentials of municipalities facing the risk of permanent marginalization in the Siedlce subregion indicated in the documents of the communes – primarily development strategies of municipalities. These concerns were categorized into five thematic spheres: social, economic, environmental, spatial-functional, and technical. Based on the information contained in commune revitalization programmes, the article delved into the discussion of degraded areas and revitalization zones prevalent among the surveyed communes. In addition, the timeliness of the problems and potentials indicated by the communes was examined on the basis of publicly available data in order to determine the trend of changes and present the current situation. Due to the availability of most statistical data, the analysis covered the years 2010–2021.