Local self-governance and the territorial dimension of development. Management of functional areas

Mirosław Grochowski

DOI: lack

Vol no: 15

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The article presents selected problems related to the management of functional areas in Poland in the context of the practice of local governments and the challenges arising from the need to territorialize development policies. Functional urbanized areas that have been forming in Poland for several years, including their most complex form – metropolitan areas, are territorial systems that integrate connections and dependencies related to various spheres of human activity, including mainly economic activity. These layouts are a new phenomenon and an unknown challenge from the perspective of development planning and management. Twenty-five years ago, when the foundations of territorial self-government were laid, it was not foreseen that the development of urbanization would take such a pace and such forms, and that the location of various functions would follow a different logic, all of which would become a serious problem for development management.