Report on the conference “In the heart of Mazovia 105th anniversary of the expansion of the borders of Warsaw”

Paweł Bezak

DOI: 10.21858/msr.37.10

Vol. no: 37

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On February 26 this year, an interdisciplinary closed-door conference dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the incorporation of Warsaw’s former suburbs took place at the Museum of the 10th Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel – one of the branches of the Museum of Independence in Warsaw. I would like to remind here that in April 1916, eight months after the Russians left the city and the Germans took their place, acting on the inspiration of civic movements, Governor General Hans von Beseler issued a decree expanding the borders of Warsaw, previously – relegated by the Russians to the status of one of the many governorate cities of the Roman Empire and one of a number of Vistula fortresses erected on Polish soil since the 1830s.

Paweł Bezak, Relacja z konferencji „W sercu Mazowsza 105. rocznica poszerzenia granic Warszawy”Pobierz