The specific element in it’s surrounding – remains. Roman Rotunda on Wzgórze Tumskie in Plock

Sławomir Paweł Markowski

DOI: 10.21858/msr.28.05

Vol no: 28

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Since the dawn of civilization, man – homo constructor – has intuitively sought to transform his surroundings and order them according to a sense known to himself, in a more or less permanent way. In this activity, not only great buildings, but even the least permanent human works, become, in a certain space of time, a trace – a signature of creative actions. The article contains a historical outline of the Romanesque rotunda – a special element in the space of the cultural landscape of the Tumskie Hill in Plock, which remains not only as a trace in the programmatic plane of the place, but today is a real trace – a symbolically marked place of its existence.