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Zbigniew Strzelecki

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Vol no: 16

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You hold in your hands the next issue of MAZOWSZE Regional Studies, in which we publish texts mainly devoted to regional policy in planning and social terms. The volume begins with an article by Roman Szul, characterizing the differentiation of regions in Spain. In it, the author takes a closer look at the Iberian experience of regionalism and the problems associated with it, overlaid with economic and cultural conditions. The next two articles focus on the problem of spatial planning in the areas around Warsaw and predestined for its metropolitan area. Barbara Chmielewska – the author of the first one – presents the influence of urbanization processes, associated with the development of Warsaw, on changes taking place in rural areas in the districts of Legionowo, Minsk, Otwock, Piaseczyn, Pruszków, Warsaw West and Wołomin.